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Spartan Strategies, Inc. deploys a team of talented, experienced professionals with the skills to design, create and execute a range of programs, products and services. Our professional team includes:

Curriculum Designers

Our Quality Matters-certified Curriculum Designers use learning theory to create engaging, pedagogically sound educational experiences designed to enhance learning and teach new skills. Our Curriculum Designers serve as project managers, guiding each project from ideation to handoff, working with you at every step to execute your project vision.

Web Designers

Our highly experienced Web Designers create the look, layout and features of websites, apps, presentations, and other digital interactive products. Employing both graphic design and computer programming best practices, our Web Designers craft engaging, dynamic user experiences designed to work seamlessly across multiple browsers and device types, accessible to all users.

Web Developers

Our skilled Web Developers work closely with our Web Designers to craft the functionality of your product, creating robust, responsive digital infrastructure with an emphasis on user-friendliness, clear navigation, and responsive design that works across browsers and device types.

Graphic Designers

Our talented Graphic Designers create visual communications, whether printed or digital, that are easy to understand, beautiful to look at, and brand-compliant. Some of the work our Graphic Designers do includes brochure design, logo creation, print and digital layouts, and much more.

LMS Specialists (Canvas, MOODLE)

Our LMS (Learning Management System) Specialists provide LMS support for online courses, creating and managing assessments and technical aspects of your online program.


Our Scriptwriters have extensive experience in creating engaging, informative video, audio and interactive scripts for a variety of projects and end-users.


With an extensive background working across multiple disciplines and subject areas, our Copyeditors make sure your copy is clean, consistent and correct, and can help craft compelling content that makes your project stand out.

Multimedia Specialists

Our award-winning Multimedia Specialists work with you to create engaging video, audio and interactive content designed to enhance your project and the end-user experience. Our team uses the latest technology in video, audio and photography, shepherding your project’s needs from pre- through post-production.

Event Planners

Our Event Planners are highly skilled in developing and managing events, from site identification, through registration, on-site support, and catering. Our team can help create a stand-out event that your guests will remember.

Our Team

Jim Eddy

Jim Eddy

Chief Operating Officer

Elise Eifert

Emeritus Society Director

Not Pictured

Catherine Curtis

Learning Management System Specialist

Leerie Jenkins

Technical Support Specialist

Nichole McGill

Senior Operations Manager